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Introducing Ian Christelow

All Because Being in Business should Give you more Life 

40 mins audio version of Ian's story can be access here - http://traffic.libsyn.com/otcfranchising/OTCF_003.mp3

Ian originally stumbled across Action when, on the back of successful franchising experience, he landed the job as the General Manager of their UK & Ireland support office towards the end of 2001. Within days of joining Action, Ian decided that he wanted to get more involved and invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in the rights to recruit and support coaches in East Anglia.

The reason he wanted to get more involved is simple. To this day, Ian is yet to meet a business owner without at least one challenge within the areas of Time, Team and Money, there he was by fate, chance, sat on top of seemingly all the solutions in shades of grey to Time, Team and Money and Ian wanted passionately to do something about that.

Ian and his brother's passion stem from the fact that their Dad's advertising agency went bust in the 1970's through lack of financial mastery ... put simply, if Ian's Dad had an Action Coach then his business would still be going strong today. Instead, Ian and his brother Mark have a vivid memory of the suffering that their family went through and want to make the Action solutions available to as many business owners as possible.

Ian sold his house, his beloved car, cashed in his life savings and through his enthusiasm for his mission, persuaded his brother to cash in his life savings so that they could get started on building a brilliant team of business coaches to deliver the life changing solutions to business owners locally. That journey started in May 2002 and Ian has now invested millions of pounds in building a great team of over 60 coaches in East Anglia, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, The North East & Cumbria, The South East, The South West & South Wales, West Midlands and London. 

Last year in the UK 224,030 businesses closed their doors. This means over two hundred thousand families have been emotionally and financially affected. This is simply not acceptable.

Our Vision is a team uniquely positioned to dramatically improve business success. Using our proven systems and our network of over 1,000 coaches, our goal is to leverage the entrepreneurial spirit within certain individuals to deliver a world class standard of business excellence. No longer do we put up with the fact that business owners, who have created jobs and are the backbone of our economy, work for less than the minimum wage and do not get enough quality time with their family. Together we create a sustainable economic business environment that allows families to grow and prosper together. We are passionate about building a team dedicated to turning our collective business knowledge into business success and wealth in terms of more time and money for families in the UK to enjoy life more fully. We are building a brilliant team of self starters with a passion for learning and developing people and a commitment to results and wealth creation for their clients and themselves, who are also dedicated to our vision.

If you like learning and enjoy helping people and have a genuine interest in business, here's a pretty good place to start to find the right opportunity for you: 

Road to Wealth

Better than that, to get your personal questions answered, please call me or Julie on 01284 701648 to find out more about the business opportunity, employment opportunity or franchise opportunity to join our growing team of business coaches.

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